(A)   Purpose of District. The R-MH2 District is intended for those locations where there is need to regulate and control the design, use and intensity of use of mobile homes in mobile home subdivisions so that the design and arrangement of mobile homes will be compatible with surrounding areas and traffic circulation and access controlled for the safety, convenience, and general welfare of contiguous and nearby development.
   (B)   Use regulations. No development shall be located, altered or used, or land or water used, in whole or in part for other than 1 or more of the following specified permitted uses:
      (1)    One-family mobile unit.
      (2)    One-family compact or expandable mobile home unit.
      (3)    Uses accessory to any of the above uses or other uses or enterprises similar to the above, which, in the judgment of the Commission are similar to and not more objectionable to the general welfare, than the uses listed.
   (C)   Limitation of uses. The area of a District planned for a mobile home subdivision shall be at least 10 acres of net development area; however, such area may be platted and/or developed in 2 or more stages, provided that said stages conform in all respects with the overall mobile home subdivision design. Net development area shall be determined by subtracting from the gross development area the total areas for parks, schools, streets, rights-of-way and other related uses.
   (D)   No mobile home shall be located or altered, or land or water used, nor shall any improvement permit be issued therefor, unless and until the R-MH2 District and necessary mobile home subdivision plan is officially approved by the Plan Commission and adopted by the Town Council.
   (E)   All mobile homes shall be located and maintained in full conformity with the mobile home subdivision plan as approved for each R-MH2 District.
   (F)   The proposed mobile home subdivision plan shall show the use(s), the dimensions, locations and area of all use(s), streets, walkways, parks, school sites, and other open spaces. The proposed mobile home subdivision plan shall be prepared by and have the seal of a land surveyor duly registered to practice in the State of Indiana. In recommending upon and approving mobile home subdivisions, the Plan Commission shall consider the location, size height, spacing extent of use of any mobile home and their appurtenances, access and circulation for vehicles and pedestrians, streets, parking areas, yards and open spaces and the relationship to adjacent property. The Plan Commission shall not recommend nor the Town Council adopt such mobile home subdivision plan unless it finds that such plan conforms to all applicable provisions of this title, that the safety and convenience of the public are properly provided for and that adequate protection and separation are provided for contiguous and nearby residential property. There shall be required the recording of a final plat in such instances where other provisions of this title or other laws or ordinance require such recording. Except as set forth herein, the Subdivision Control Ordinance (Chapter 153) will be the guide for development of a mobile home subdivision, including but not limited to, dedication of streets and utilities, maintenance of streets, sidewalks, water and sewer lines.
   (G)   Area. See § 171.08, “Table of Standards for Principal Buildings on Individual Lots.” Every lot upon which a mobile home unit is located within an R-MH2 District shall front onto a 35-foot street or right-of-way and shall conform to the following minimum lot area and width requirements.
   (H)   Yards. All yards shall be subject to the table in § 171.08 and the following provisions:
      (1)   Rear yard. Every lot shall comply with the table in § 171.08; provided that no less than 25-foot yard shall be provided as to all portions of the perimeter of the mobile home subdivision contiguous to a Residential District, except that the yard requirement herein shall be reduced by 1/2 the width of any alley adjacent thereto, and, provided further that a greater yard may be required where the Plan Commission deems it necessary. All lots adjacent to public streets on the outside of the subdivision to be designated so front yard faces the streets. Where the boundary of a mobile home subdivision directly abuts a Residential District, a fence, wall or hedge shall be provided along such property boundary.
   (I)   The uses permitted in the R-MH2 District are subject to the following requirements:
      (1)   A maximum height, minimum lot area, minimum lot width, yard requirements and lot coverage as shown in § 172.08, “Table of Standards for Principal Buildings on Individual Lots.”
      (2)   Additional area regulations (§ 172.01).
      (3)   Additional yard requirements (§ 172.02).
      (4)   Additional height requirements (§ 172.03).
      (5)   Minimum floor area schedule as shown in § 172.04.
      (6)   Fence restrictions as provided in § 172.05.
      (7)   Parking restrictions as provided in § 172.06.
      (8)   Restrictions on signs as provided in Chapter 174.
   (J)   Abandonment and expiration. Upon the abandonment of a mobile home subdivision or if upon the expiration of 5 years from the zoning change so enacted, the mobile home subdivision has not been substantially completed, the land involved in the plan shall revert to its former zoning district classification. The Plan Commission, upon application and public notice as required by law, may grant 1 extension of 2 years upon an application being filed with the Plan Commission. The Plan Commission’s decision shall be final on the question of substantial completion. In the event of reversion to former zoning as provided herein, the land and structures thereon shall be subject to all regulations and limitations of the zoning district then applicable.
   (K)   Other limitations. All mobile homes and mobile home subdivisions are subject to the requirements set forth in I.C. 16-41-27-1 et seq. and to the standards promulgated by the Indiana Department of Health.
(Ord. 2017-02, passed 2-20-2018) Penalty, see § 175.99