(A)   Title. This chapter shall be known and cited as the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance for the Town of Chandler, Indiana, and hereinafter referred to as “this title.”
   (B)   Purposes. This title is enacted for the purposes of protecting and promoting the public health, safety, and general welfare of the town, preventing undue concentration of land, encouraging the most appropriate use of land, regulating land use in the town while preserving the rights of individual property owners to use and enjoy their land, and promoting the development of the town in accordance with the most current adopted edition of the Comprehensive Plan of the Town of Chandler.
   (C)   Methods. In order to effectively accomplish the purposes of this title, the town is divided into districts. Districts are of such number, shape, and area, and of such common unity of purpose, adaptability or use deemed most suitable to provide for the best general use, to protect the common rights and interests within each district, to preserve the general rights and interests of all, and to promote improved, wholesome, harmonious, and economic results in town operations. Furthermore, district regulations shall prescribe minimum standards for the:
      (1)   Location, uses and occupancy of buildings, structures, and land to be used for trade, industry, residence or other purposes, and
       (2)   The location, height, bulk, occupancy and uses of buildings and other structures, including the percentage of lot occupancy and coverage, street setback lines, sizes of yards, and other open spaces.
   (D)   Interpretation. The singular shall include the plural and the plural shall include the singular. The future tense shall include the present tense and the present tense shall include the future tense. Other terms may be defined elsewhere within this title.
(Ord. 2017-02, passed 2-20-2018)