(A)   Setting of Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU). The Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) for the Town of Chandler is hereby determined to be and established as 3,500 square feet.
   (B)   Establishment of base rate. The storm water utility base rate shall be and the same is hereby established as $6.50 each calendar month for each ERU.
   (C)   Late fee penalty. All storm water user’s fees not paid when due shall be assessed a late payment penalty of 10% of the fee then due.
   (D)   Collection of storm water user’s fee. Storm water user’s fees shall be billed with the Town of Chandler Water and Wastewater Utility billings.
   (E)   Due date of storm water user’s fees. Storm water user’s fees shall be due at the same time as Town of Chandler water and wastewater fees.
   (F)   Prioritization of partial utility payments. Whenever the Town of Chandler receives a payment totaling less than the total bill for the Town of Chandler Utility Services, the Clerk-Treasurer shall allocate the payment to the discharge of the bill in the following order of priority:
      (1)   First to delinquent storm water user’s fees and penalties;
      (2)   Next to current storm water user’s fees;
      (3)   Next to delinquent water user’s fees and penalties;
      (4)   Next to delinquent waste water user’s fees and penalties; and
      (5)   Last to current waste water user’s fees.
   (G)   Storm water user’s fee lien. The storm water user’s fees established hereunder shall constitute a lien upon the real property within the Town of Chandler to which the fees are applied. The Town of Chandler Clerk-Treasurer is hereby directed to certify Warrick County Auditor, annually, the delinquent storm water user’s fees and penalties for each parcel of property for which a delinquent storm water user’s fee exists. The Warrick County Auditor shall include the delinquent fees and penalties with the next property tax billing by the County of Warrick and shall disburse fees and penalties so collected to the Town of Chandler.
(Ord. 2004-9, passed 11-15-2004; Am. Ord. 2008-10, passed 11-17-2008; Am. Ord. 2022-08, passed 8-15-2022)