A.   Dogs And Cats: No person shall own a dog or cat within the village unless a license tag has been issued in accordance with section 6-4A-2 of this code. (Ord. 490, 3-21-2005)
   B.   Garbage Collectors: No garbage collectors may operate within the village without being licensed in accordance with section 4-4-1 of this title. (1995 Code § 3.103)
   C.   Mobile Home Parks: No person, firm or corporation shall operate a mobile home park without first obtaining a license in accordance with section 10-6-4 of this code. (1995 Code § 3.108)
   D.   Retail Liquor Dealers: No person, firm or corporation shall sell, keep or offer for sale at retail, or conduct any place for the sale at retail of alcoholic liquor within the limits and territory of the village without being issued a local license in accordance with chapter 2 of this title. (2012 Code)