A.   Generally: The right is hereby reserved to cut off the supply of water at any time for the purpose of repairs or otherwise, any permit granted or regulation granted to the contrary notwithstanding. (1995 Code § 6.115)
   B.   Illegal Tapping And Wasting:
      1.   Any person receiving water from the village waterworks system without a properly installed and working meter, or without paying the appropriate charges as defined in section 9-1-6 of this chapter, or unreasonably or unnecessarily wasting water shall be in violation of this chapter and shall have his water supply shut off and stopped forthwith.
      2.   Where the water supply shall have been cut off for violation of the provisions of this subsection, it shall not again be turned on to such premises from which it was cut off until there shall have been paid to the village such sum of money as shall be deemed to be properly due the village for the amount of water furnished to or used by any such person. (1995 Code § 6.117)