A.   User Rates:
      1.   Inside Corporate Limits: There shall be and there hereby are established charges and rates, for the use of and for the service supplied by the water system of the Village of Cerro Gordo, based upon the amount of water consumed as shown by water meters as follows: Beginning January 1, 2016, seventeen dollars eighteen cents ($17.18) minimum charge for one thousand five hundred (1,500) gallons or less, plus 0.0056 cents for each gallon or portion thereof over one thousand five hundred (1,500) gallons. (Ord. 620-2017, 2-20-2017)
      2.   Stormwater Utility Fee: Effective January 1, 2016, there is hereby established a monthly stormwater utility fee. A stormwater utility fee shall be charged to owners of real estate located within the Village and the charge shall be contained, included and a part of the monthly water bill for that property.
         a.   Monthly Fees: The monthly stormwater utility fees for property with improvements, shall be as follows, according to water meter classification: Apartments shall not be considered residential for this purpose.
            (1)   Residential lot: Four dollars ($4.00) per month.
            (2)   Other than residential: Six dollars ($6.00) per month.
         b.   Unpaid Stormwater Fees: Irrespective of any change in ownership, the owner of each parcel of real estate shall be liable for the payment of any unpaid stormwater utility fees.
         c.   Exemptions: Except as otherwise provided in this section, the following properties shall be exempt from the payment of stormwater utility fees:
            (1)   All properties within the Village of Cerro Gordo that are owned by the Village of Cerro Gordo.
            (2)   Unimproved land.
            (3)   Such exemption from the payment of stormwater utility fees shall continue until such time as the use of that property changes.
         d.   Revenues: All revenues and monies derived from the stormwater utility fees shall be deposited in a Stormwater Management Fund to be created by the Treasurer for the purpose of constructing, maintaining, rebuilding and reconstructing the Village's stormwater management system and related infrastructure.
      3.   Outside Corporate Limits: Users outside the corporate limits of the village shall pay rates equal to two hundred percent (200%) of the rates established for users located within the corporate limits. (Ord. 611-2015, 12-21-2015)
   B.   Bulk Water: Bulk water sold to tank wagons loading water at a location provided by the village is to be charged by contract at the rate to be established by the board of trustees. (1995 Code § 6.104)