A.   Residential:
      1.   Opening width shall be twelve feet (12') with a maximum of twenty four feet (24').
      2.   Return radii shall be a minimum of fifteen feet (15').
      3.   Driveway entrances must be constructed of either six inches (6") aggregate base coarse surface with two inches (2") of class I asphalt or four inches (4") poured concrete pavement.
      4.   Paved entrance only is required where curb and guttering exists or will be installed. (1995 Code § 5.406)
   B.   Commercial And Industrial:
      1.   Driveway shall be constructed of concrete.
      2.   Minimum width shall be twelve feet (12') for one-way operations or twenty four feet (24') for two-way operations with a maximum width of thirty five feet (35').
      3.   The lot will be drained in accordance with standards for storm drainage, section 8-1-5 of this chapter. (1995 Code § 5.407)