A.   Discharge of stormwater will be the basis for determining the method of designing for stormwater disposal.
   B.   Existing or proposed building or roof and footing drains shall not be connected to the sanitary sewer system.
   C.   Surface drainage may be disposed of in one of the following ways:
      1.   Across a paved surface, such as driveway, into an existing street.
      2.   Into an on site storm sewer system designed to discharge into the existing storm sewer system.
   D.   Storm sewer structures are as follows:
      1.   All culverts will be at least twelve inches (12") in diameter.
      2.   Structures shall have the capacity to carry a maximum stormwater flow which may occur in a five (5) year period.
      3.   Ditches shall be graded, seeded or sodded.
      4.   All materials used for storm sewers must be approved by the director of public works. (1995 Code § 5.405)