(a)   The Manager or his or her designate shall refuse to issue or renew a massage establishment license or may revoke or suspend such license when he or she finds that:
      (1)   A section of this chapter was violated upon the establishment premises.
      (2)   A violation of another provision of this Municipal Code or of the Ohio Revised Code was committed upon the establishment premises.
      (3)   A material misrepresentation was made upon the application for a massage establishment permit.
      (4)   A law enforcement officer or health inspector was refused permission to inspect the premises or operation of the massage establishment during the hours of operation.
      (5)   A person who is not a licensed massage technician has administered a massage at the premises of the massage establishment.
   (b)   The issuance, renewal, denial, suspension or revocation of a massage establishment license shall be made pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, and any appeal of any such order shall be made to Council, in writing, within ten days following the date of any such order.  Any appeal shall be heard by Council at its next regularly scheduled meeting following the filing of the appeal.  At such hearing the person filing the appeal may appear in person or be represented by attorney and present such witnesses and evidence that he or she may desire.  The Manager or his or her designate may appear and present such witnesses and evidence as may be necessary to support his or her action.  A simple majority of the Council membership shall affirm, reverse or modify the decision appealed from and their decision shall be final.
(Ord. 33-79.  Passed 8-6-79.)