§ 228.04  INTERIM USES.
   In addition to other uses specifically identified elsewhere in this title, and subject to applicable provisions of this title, the following are interim uses allowed in the POS Public and Open Space District by the issuance of an interim use permit based upon procedures set forth in and regulated by Chapter 197 (Interim Use Permits) of this title.
   (A)   Residential shelters as regulated by § 205.20(C) (Specialized Housing) of this title, public and semi-public only.
   (B)   Temporary classroom type structure for use by public or private institutions.
   (C)   Temporary mobile towers as regulated by Chapter 214 (Towers, Antennas, and Telecommunications Facilities) of this title.
   (D)   Community solar energy systems as regulated by § 215.03 (Solar Energy Systems (SES)) of this title.
(Ord. 2011-06-07A, passed 6-7-2011; Am. Ord. 2015-11-4A, passed 11-4-2015)