In addition to other uses specifically identified elsewhere in this title, the following are conditional uses allowed in the POS Public and Open Space District by the issuance of a conditional use permit based upon procedures set forth in and regulated by Chapter 196 (Conditional Use Permits) of this title.
   (A)   Automobile parking lots as a principal use provided that:
      (1)   The parking lot shall be subject to the requirements for commercial lots established by Chapter 210 (Off-Street Parking) of this title.
   (B)   Cemeteries.
   (C)   Commercial, private, and public satellite dish transmitting or receiving antennas in excess of 2 meters, amateur radio service antennas and towers, personal wireless service antennas, commercial and public radio and television transmitting antennas, public safety communication antennas, and public utility microwave antennas as regulated by Chapter 214 (Towers, Antennas, and Telecommunications Facilities) of this title.
   (D)   Daycare facilities as a principal or accessory use, except as otherwise allowed for by this title, provided that the use complies with the provisions of § 205.21 (Daycare Facilities) of this title.
   (E)   Essential services involving transmission pipelines and transmission or substation lines in excess of 33kV and up to 100kV, as regulated by § 205.05 (Essential Services) of this title.
   (F)   Governmental and public regulated utility buildings, public maintenance buildings, and structures necessary for the health, safety, and general welfare of the community; other than City of Center City.
   (G)   Hospitals and residential care facilities including extended care facilities for mentally handicapped, rest homes and care for the aged, ill, and infirmed.
   (H)   Planned unit developments as regulated by Chapter 217 (Planned Unit Developments) of this title.
   (I)   Preschool, elementary, middle, high schools, or colleges and other institutions of higher learning having a regular course of study accredited by the State of Minnesota.
   (J)   Public civic auditoriums, indoor recreation centers, arenas, or other facilities both City of Center City or other government unit with an event seating capacity of more than 300 persons, provided that:
      (1)   Access to the facility shall be provided only from a collector or arterial street at intersections compliant with the requirements of § 210.04(J) (General Provisions) of this title.
   (K)   Wind energy conversion systems (WECS), noncommercial, provided that:
      (1)   All requirements of § 215.02 (Wind Energy Conversion Systems “WECS”) of this title are satisfied; and
      (2)   Noncommercial wind energy conversion systems are located on lots at least two and one-half acres in area.
(Ord. 2011-06-07A, passed 6-7-2011)