(a)   Should such nuisance not be abated at the expiration time stated in such notice or expiration of the time stated in the special building permit issued by the Building Inspector or such additional time as Council may grant, the Building Inspector shall be authorized at any time thereafter to enter upon such premises and the owner shall permit him entry to abate the nuisance by demolition and removal of the structure or by taking any other such action as may be required.
   (b)   In abating such nuisance the Building Inspector may call upon any department of the Village for whatever assistance may be necessary, or may, by private contract, obtain the abatement thereof and the cost of such private contract shall be paid for from Village funds specifically authorized by Council in order to abate such public nuisance.
   (c)   In abating a nuisance, whether under the emergency procedure of Section 1323.04 or under the regular procedure set forth in this chapter, the cost of the abatement action shall be recovered from the owner in the following procedure:
      (1)   The owner or owners shall be billed directly by certified mail for the cost of the abatement. The bill for the cost of the abatement shall be paid within sixty days after receipt of the bill.
      (2)   If costs are not so recovered, then the Village shall cause the cost of the abatement to be levied as an assessment and recovered in accordance with Ohio R.C. 715.261.
      (3)   If such an abatement of a nuisance is at no cost to the Village, of if the Village is reimbursed for its costs, the property owner shall be relieved of any assessment.
         (Ord. 83-5. Passed 4-25-83.)