The zoning districts, the overlays, and boundaries thereof shall be shown on the Official Zoning District Map of Cedarville Village. The Official Zoning District Map shall be identified by the signature of the Mayor, attested by the Village Clerk, and bearing the seal of the Village under the following words:
   “This is to certify that this is the Official Zoning District Map referred to in Section 1109.02 of the Zoning Regulation of Cedarville Village, Greene County, Ohio (date of adoption _________________)."
   The map, together with all explanatory data and changes, is hereby incorporated into and made part of this Zoning Regulation, and shall be the final authority as to the current zoning status of lands, buildings, and other structures within the Village.
   (a)   Maintenance of Map: A reproducible copy of the official map is to be maintained and kept "up-to-date" by the Zoning Inspector or other person or agency officially approved by the Village Council. Amendments to district boundaries, and other matters normally designated on the Zoning District Map, shall be made as soon as possible after the effective date of such changes.
   (b)   Display of Map: One up-to-date copy of the Official Zoning District Map shall be kept on display in the administrative offices of the Village.