In order to carry out the purposes and provisions of this Regulation, Cedarville Village is hereby divided into the following zoning districts:
   (a)   Residential Districts.
      RS-2   Low Density Single-Family Residential District
      RS-4   Medium Density Single-Family Residential
      RT-4   Medium Density Two-Family Residential District
      RM-8   Med-High Density Multiple-Family Residential District
      R-MH   Mobile Home Park
   (b)   Business District.
      VB   Village Business District
      HB   Historic Business District
   (c)   Industrial Districts.
      LI   Light Industrial District
      HI   Heavy Industrial District
      PI   Public Institutional
   (d)   Establishment of Overlays: In order to carry out the purpose of this Zoning Regulation in an administrative manner complimentary to the previously established districts, the following overlays are hereby established.
      Flood Plain Overlay (See Section 1113.11 )
      Planned Unit Development project overlay (See Section 1113.12)
These overlays are intended to be placed over existing zoning districts, where applicable. Regulations for each zoning overlay are intended to be additive to existing zoning districts and are not intended to replace or waiver district regulations unless specific authorization is granted elsewhere in this Zoning Regulation.