I.C. 16-31-5-1 et seq. authorizes and empowers, a political subdivision, such as Cass County, Indiana, to take certain actions to establish, promote and support its Emergency Medical Services Department and the emergency medical services provided to the county. The County Commissioners hereby adopt these same provisions into this subchapter as if made a part thereof. The county may establish, operate and maintain emergency medical services; levy taxes under I.C. 6-3.6 and expend appropriated funds to pay the costs and expenses of establishing, maintaining, or contracting for medical services; apply for and receive gifts, grants, bequests, state, federal and local aid and other forms of financial assistance to support the emergency medical services; establish and provide for the collection of reasonable fees for emergency ambulance services, among other acts to support the county’s emergency medical services.
(Ord. 2021-07, passed 10-4-2021)