(A)   The Board of County Commissioners establishes a committee of local citizens to advise the Commissioners on wise urban forestry practices, policies, and issues.
   (B)   The Urban Forestry Committee is charged with the responsibility of reviewing information regarding urban forestry and the wise maintenance of trees in the county; educating the citizens on urban forestry, and tree-planting and maintenance; recommending to the Board of County Commissioners a tree ordinance directing the county’s policy of trees on county-owned land; and working to improve the aesthetic quality of the county while addressing the problem of global warming on a grassroots level by the wise planting of trees.
   (C)   The Urban Forestry Committee shall be appointed by the County Board of Commissioners for specified terms. The Board of County Commissioners shall appoint the Urban Forestry Committee’s first Chairperson, with subsequent Chairpersons elected by committee members. The Urban Forestry Committee shall be free to organize itself as it deems necessary.
   (D)   The Urban Forestry Committee will meet at least quarterly (but more often if the members wish), and shall supply the Commissioners with minutes of their meetings. The committee shall comply with the Open Door Law being I.C. 5-14-1.5-1 et seq.
(Prior Code, § 33.236) (Res. 90-2, passed 1-15-1990)