17.44.020 Process to initiate plan.
   A.   In General. In any NC District the regulations governing the uses of land and structures, the height of buildings and requirements for lot area, width and yards, shall be as set forth in the underlying zoning district except as may be expressly modified by the neighborhood conservation plan for that district. There will be a separate and specific neighborhood conservation plan for each NC District.
   B.   Initiation of an NC District. A petition requesting establishment of the district, bearing the signatures of the owners of not less than thirty percent of the property within the area proposed to be included in the NC District, may be submitted to the planning and zoning commission. The petition shall set forth the preliminary boundaries of the area proposed to be included.
   C.   Public Hearing. Upon initiation of proceedings as set forth in subsection B above, the planning and zoning commission shall call a public hearing for the purpose of explaining the purposes and operation of an NC District and to determine the degree of interest in the establishment of such district, as well as to receive any suggestions regarding the content of the neighborhood conservation plan or the boundaries of the NC District.
   D.   Planning and Zoning Commission Recommendation. Following the public hearing, the planning and zoning commission may recommend to the city council that the planning department, or the neighborhood under the auspices of the planning department, proceed with the preparation of a neighborhood conservation plan as set forth herein, and the planning and zoning commission shall recommend to the city council the boundaries of the proposed district; or it may recommend termination of the proceedings if it determines that the plan will not serve the purposes for which the district is intended.
   E.   The city council may, without further hearing, concur in the recommendation of the planning and zoning commission or make such recommendations that they may desire and so instruct the planning department.
(Ord. 1178 § 5.14.3, 1987)