5.12.110 Bond required prior to issuance.
   A.   Before any license, as provided herein, shall be issued for engaging in the business of canvasser or solicitor, peddler, transient or itinerant merchant, as defined in this chapter, the applicant shall file with the clerk a bond running to the city the penal sum of the greater of five hundred dollars or ten percent of the estimated gross sales value, executed by the applicant as principal and at least one surety upon which service of process may be made in the state. The bond, to be approved by the city, is to be subject to the condition that the applicant, agents or representatives shall comply fully with all of the provisions of the laws of the city and the state statutes regulating and concerning the business of the peddler regarding sales taxes, business license fees, and other city fees required of the peddler, and will pay all judgments rendered against the applicant or agents or the name of the city to recover city sales taxes, city business license fees, and other city fees required of the peddler. The bond shall be approved by the city both as to form and as to the responsibility of sureties thereon.
   B.   The bond shall remain in full force and effect throughout the period of time such licensee shall be conducting his business in this city or, upon thirty days' written notice to the city, the cancellation of the bond by the sureties thereof. Upon the cancellation, the licensee shall have ten days from the date of the cancellation within which to obtain a new bond of like kind and quality. Should the applicant fail to procure the new bond, his license shall be deemed void as of the day listed by the clerk. Nothing, however, contained herein shall be construed as preventing the applicant from re-applying for a new license at a later time. If in the judgment of the clerk, under guidelines established by the finance director, the requirements and obligations of this chapter will be met without requiring an applicant to comply with this section, the clerk may indicate upon the application that the applicant is exempted from complying with Section 5.12.150 in which event the applicant will not be required to comply with this section.
(Ord. 1309 §§ 1 (part), 2 (part), 1990)