5.12.080 Investigation prior to issuance or denial of license—Appeal—Records.
   Upon receipt of the application, the city shall cause the investigation of the person's business responsibility or moral character to be made as deemed necessary for the protection of the public good. The investigation by the city under the provisions of this chapter shall be completed within fifteen days after the applicant has given the required information. If, as a result of the investigation, the applicant's or his agents' or representatives' business responsibility and character are found to be unsatisfactory, the application shall be denied. Any applicant so denied, may appeal the decision to the city manager. If, as a result of the investigation, the character and business reputation appear to be satisfactory, the clerk shall so certify in writing, and a license shall be issued by the clerk. The clerk shall keep a full record in his office of all licenses issued. Such license shall contain the number of the license, the date the same is issued, the nature of the business authorized to be carried on, the amount of the license fee paid, the expiration date of the license, the place where the business may be carried on under the license and the name of the person authorized to carry on the same.
(Ord. 1309 §§ 1 (part), 2 (part), 1990)