5.12.030 Exemptions.
   A.   The terms of this chapter do not include the acts of newsboys, persons selling personal property at wholesale to dealers in such articles, nor to students on a school class project, nor to acts of merchants or their employees in delivering goods in the regular course of business. The producers of food products from agricultural lands, farms and gardens are exempt from the provisions of this chapter when selling or disposing of their products. Nothing contained in this chapter prohibits any sale required by statute or by order of any court or prevents any person from conducting a bona fide auction sale pursuant to law.
   B.   The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to those established merchants or businesses maintaining establishments in this city and whom have properly filed and paid all city sales taxes on their business activities conducted within the city over the past ninety days. These businesses shall obtain a peddler's license, at no charge, to conduct those activities defined in this chapter.
(Ord. 1309 §§ 1 (part), 2 (part), 1990)