8.32.030 Graffiti removal.
   No owner or occupant of a building or structure within the City shall permit graffiti on the building or structure, or fail to eradicate graffiti from the building or structure, within ten business days of owner/occupant's receipt of notice of the existence of graffiti.
   A.   Upon failure of any notified person to eradicate graffiti within compliance time set in the written notice, the City may remove, abate, enjoin or cause removal of the violation.
   B.   The City has established the Graffiti Abatement Program to assist members of the community who are willing to, but lack the resources to remove graffiti from their property, or are willing to purchase supplies to accomplish the removal of graffiti from their property. These will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The City will not guarantee a paint match and will only cover the area affected by the graffiti. This does not relieve the property owner in away from their responsibility for compliance with this chapter.
(Ord. 1397.08.24 § 2 (part), 2012)