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Chapter 2
Article I. In General
Sec. 2-1.   Notices; service and proof.
Sec. 2-2.   Electronic notice of public hearings.
Secs. 2-3--2-28. Reserved.
Article II. Mayor and Town Council
Division 1. Generally
Sec. 2-29.   Regular, adjourned and recessed meetings.
Sec. 2-30.   Adjournment for lack of quorum.
Sec. 2-31.   Mayor--Duties generally.
Sec. 2-32.   Same--General duties at meetings.
Sec. 2-33.   Same--Appointing of special committees; vacating the chair.
Sec. 2-34.   Mayor pro tempore.
Sec. 2-35.   Motions; prerequisites to consideration.
Sec. 2-36.   Election by ballot.
Sec. 2-37.   Effective date of ordinances.
Sec. 2-38.   Resignation of member.
Sec. 2-39.   Agenda.
Secs. 2-40--2-70. Reserved.
Article III. Officers and Employees
Division 1. Generally
Sec. 2-71.   Contracts; conflict of interest.
Secs. 2-72--2-86. Reserved.
Division 2. Personnel
Sec. 2-87.   General provisions.
Sec. 2-88.   Position classification plan.
Sec. 2-89.   Salary plan.
Sec. 2-90.   Recruitment, selection and appointment.
Sec. 2-91.   Conditions of employment.
Sec. 2-92.   Employee benefits, holidays and leaves of absence.
Sec. 2-93.   Travel.
Sec. 2-94.   Separation.
Sec. 2-95.   Disciplinary action.
Sec. 2-96.   Grievance procedure.
Secs. 2-97--2-107. Reserved.
Article IV. Departments
Division 1. Generally
Secs. 2-108-- Department names; organization.
Secs. 2-109—2-128. Reserved.
Division 2. Department of Inspections and Permits
Sec. 2-129.   Created.
Sec. 2-130.   Right of entry.
Sec. 2-131.   Stop orders.
Sec. 2-132.   Records.
Secs. 2-133--2-143. Reserved.
Division 3. Police Department
Sec. 2-144.   Established.
Sec. 2-145.   Duties.
Sec. 2-146.   Chain of command.
Sec. 2-147.   Uniforms and equipment.
Sec. 2-148.   Duties of chief of police.
Sec. 2-149.   Police reserves.
Secs. 2-150--2-160. Reserved.
Article V. Boards and Commissions and Authorities
Sec. 2-161.   Boards and Commissions purpose statement.
Sec. 2-162.   General provisions.
Sec. 2-163.   Membership, general.
Sec. 2-164.   Terms of office.
Sec. 2-165.   Conflicts of interest.
Sec. 2-166.   Attendance at board meetings.
Sec. 2-167.   Reimbursement for expenses.
Sec. 2-168.   Meetings.
Sec. 2-169.   Rules and records.
Sec. 2-170.   Cooperation with others.
Sec. 2-171.   Planning and zoning board.
Sec. 2-172.   Zoning board of adjustment.
Sec. 2-173.   Parks, recreation and cultural resources advisory board.
Sec. 2-174.   Historic Preservation Commission.
Sec. 2-175.   Public art advisory board.
Sec. 2-176.   Reserved.
Sec. 2-177.   Information services advisory board.
Sec. 2-178.   Reserved.
Sec. 2-179.   Environmental advisory board.
Sec. 2-180.   Reserved.