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   5.1.1   Explanation of Table Abbreviations
   (A) Permitted Uses
   (B) Special Uses
   (C) Accessory Uses
   (D) Prohibited Uses
   (E) Use Class
   (F) Additional Regulations
   5.1.2   Table of Permitted Uses - General Use Districts (Except TC & CT)
   5.1.3   Table of Permitted Uses - TC District
   5.1.4   Table of Permitted Uses - CT District, Walnut Street Corridor
   5.2.1   Residential Uses
   (A) Boarding House
   (B) Bed and Breakfast
   (C) Dormitory
   (D) Group Home; Family Care Home
   (E) Life Care Community
   (F) Multi-Family Dwelling, and Multi-Family Dwelling, Mid-Rise
   (G) Nursing Home
   (H) Patio Dwelling
   (I) Residential Use in Non-Residential Building
   (J) Residential Use in Mixed-Use Building
   (K) Manufactured Home
   (L) Semi-Detached/Attached Dwelling and Townhouse
   (M) Detached Dwelling
   (N) Tandem Dwelling Unit
   (O) Manufactured Home Parks
   (P) Detached Multi-family Dwellings
   5.2.2   Public/Institutional Uses
   (A) Athletic Field, Public
   (B) Day Care Centers
   (C) School
   (D) Neighborhood Recreation Center, Public
   (E) Religious and Other Assembly Uses
   (F) College
   (G) Town Owned and/or Operated Facilities and Services
   (H) Governmental Offices
   5.2.3   Commercial Uses
   (A) Athletic Field, Private
   (B) [Reserved]
   (C) Bona Fide Farms
   (D) Electronic Gaming Operation
   (E) Kennel
   (F) Commercial Indoor Recreational Facility
   (G) Nightclub/Bar
   (H) [Reserved]
   (I) Postal Center, Private
   (J) Parking Lot as a Principal Use
   (K) Restaurant; Retail Store
   (L) Radio or TV Broadcasting Studio
   (M) Adult Business
   (N) Vehicle Filling Station, Vehicle Repair, Vehicle Service, Car Washes, and Towing and Vehicle Storage
   (O) Veterinary Hospital/Office
   (P) Private Transportation Service
   (Q) Motor Vehicle Sales/Rental
   (R) Wellness Center
   (S) Trade School
   5.2.4   Industrial Uses
   (A) Outdoor Storage as a Principal Use
   (B) Recycling and Salvage Operation
   (C) Resource Extraction
   (D) Telecommunications Facilities
   (E) Research Laboratory
   (F) Warehousing and Distribution Establishment and Wholesale Establishment
   (G) Light Industrial
   (H) Small Wireless Facilities
   (I) Brewery, Distillery, or Winery
   5.3.1   Purpose
   5.3.2   General Standards and Limitations
   (A) Compliance with Ordinance Requirements
   (B) Approval of Accessory Uses and Structures
   (C) Accessory Use Permit
   (D) Location of Accessory Buildings, Structures, or Vehicles
   (E) Size of Residential Accessory Buildings and Structures
   (F) Signs
   (G) Temporary Accessory Uses and Structures
   5.3.3   Accessory Uses Prohibited
   (A) Prohibited in All Zoning Districts
   (B) Prohibited in Residential Zoning Districts
   5.3.4   Accessory Uses and Structures Allowed
   (A) Accessory Dwelling Units
   (B) Utility Dwelling Units
   (C) Home Occupations
   (D) Outdoor Display and Sales
   (E) Outdoor Storage as an Accessory Use
   (F) Satellite Dish Antenna
   (G) Vehicular Gate
   (H) Recycling Drop-Off Stations
   (I) Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas
   (J) Animal Husbandry
   (K) Yard Parking on Single-Family and Duplex Residential Lots
   (L) Day Care Homes, Large
   (M) Day Care Homes, Small
   (N) Caretaker’s Residence
   (O) Domestic Beekeeping
   (P) Food Trucks
   (Q) Cluster Box Unit - Mailbox
   (R) Electronic Gaming Machines
   5.4.1   Purpose
   5.4.2   Table of Allowed Temporary Uses and Structures
   5.4.3   [Reserved]
   5.4.4   Temporary Use Permits
   5.4.5   General Requirements for All Temporary Uses and Structures
   5.4.6   Specific Regulations for Certain Temporary Uses and Structures
   (A) Expansion or Replacement of Existing Facilities
   (B) Real Estate Sales Office and Model Sales Home
   (C) Sale/Display of Goods Other Than Agricultural Products
   (D) Sale of Agricultural Products Grown Off-Site
   (E) Sale of Fireworks
   (F) Temporary Structures In or Near the Flood Hazard Area
   5.4.7   Events
   (A) Purpose and Intent
   (B) Types of Events
   (C) Permit Required
   (D) No Permit Required
   (E) Term of Approval/Permit
   (F) Additional Planning Requirements
   (G) Submittal Requirements