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   4.1.1   General Use Districts Established
   (A) Establishment
   (B) Hierarchy of General Use Districts
   4.1.2   Relationship to Conditional Use Districts and Overlay Districts
   4.1.3   Annexed Lands and Lands Added to the Town's Extraterritorial Jurisdiction
   (A) Zoning Designation
   (B) Effect of Zoning Designation on Nonconforming Lot Status
   4.2.1   General Purposes
   4.2.2   Residential and Non-Residential Zoning Districts
   (A) R-80: Residential District
   (B) R-40: Residential District
   (C) R-20: Residential District
   (D) R-12: Residential District
   (E) R-8: Residential District
   (F) TR: Transitional Residential District
   (G) RMF: Residential Multi-Family District
   (H) RR: Resource/Recreation District
   (I) OI: Office and Institutional District
   (J) GC: General Commercial District
   (K) CT: Walnut Street Corridor Transitional District
   (L) ORD: Office/Research and Development District
   (M) I: Industrial District
   (N) TC: Town Center District
   4.2.3   PDD: Planned Development Districts
   (A) General Intent/Purposes of the PDD Districts
   (B) Types of PDD Districts
   (C) Designation Procedure
   (D) General Use and Development Standards for All PDD Districts
   4.3.1   Purpose and Intent
   4.3.2   Districts Established
   (A) Residential Districts
   (B) Non-Residential Districts
   (C) Town Center Subdistricts
   (D) Walnut Street Corridor Subdistricts
   4.3.3   Designation of Conditional Use Districts
   4.3.4   Allowable Uses
   4.3.5   Applicable Regulations
   4.3.6   Conditional Zoning Districts
   4.4.1   General Purpose; Relationship to General Use Zoning Districts
   4.4.2   Mixed Use Overlay
   (A) Purpose and Intent
   (B) Applicability
   (C) [Reserved]
   (D) Uses Allowed
   (E) Authority Under Overlay District
   (F) Development Standards
   (G) Dimensional Requirements
   (H) Changes to the Preliminary Development Plan Component of an Approved MXD District  (Including Activity Center Concept Plans and Mixed Use Sketch Plans)
   4.4.3   Conservation Residential Overlay District
   (A) Purpose and Intent
   (B) Location of District and Applicability
   (C) Subdistricts Created and Defined
   (D) Eligibility and Process to Obtain Density Bonus
   (E) Calculating the Base Number of Lots
   (F) Increases to Base Density; Residential Use Type Allowed; and Minimum Dimensional Standards
   (G) Bonus Open Space Requirements
   (H) Additional Design Requirements
   4.4.4   [Reserved]
   4.4.5   Airport Overlay
   (A) Purpose and Intent
   (B) Location and Applicability; Compliance Required
   (C) Process for Reviewing Developments; Approval by the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority
   (D) Prohibited Uses and Structures
   (E) Nonconforming Uses and Structures
   (F) Location of Buildings and Parking Areas
   4.4.6   Watershed Protection Overlay
   (A) Purpose and Intent
   (B) Applicability
   (C) Procedures for Development Approval
   (D) Overview of High Density and Low Density Development Options
   (E) Restrictions on Allowed Uses
   (F) Limitations on Impervious Surface Area and Density
   (G) Engineered Stormwater Control Structures
   (H) Clustered Development Option
   (I) Modifications and Variances
   (J) Violations; Enforcement
   4.4.7   Historic Preservation Overlay
   (A) Purpose and Intent
   (B) Location of Districts and Applicability
   4.5.1   Flexible Use Districts Generally
   (A) Purpose of Flexible Use Districts
   (B) Process Required
   (C) Conditions
   4.5.2   MXD:  Mixed Use District
   (A) Intent
   (B) Approval Procedure
   (C) Geographic Coverage
   (D) General Use and Development Standards
   (E) Considerations for Mixed Use District Rezonings