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Chapter 4
   *State law reference(s)--Alcoholic beverages, G.S. ch. 18B; city beer and wine retail licenses, G.S. 105-113.77 et seq.
Article I. In General
Sec. 4-1.   Definitions.
Sec. 4-2.   Sunday sales.
Secs. 4-3—4-20.  Reserved.
Article II. Beer and Wine License
Sec. 4-21.   Qualifications.
Sec. 4-22.   Application procedure; issuance of license.
Sec. 4-23.   Refusal to issue or renew license.
Sec. 4-24.   Suspension or revocation of ABC permit.
Sec. 4-25.   Retail license.
Sec. 4-26.   Wholesale license.
Sec. 4-27.   Expiration.
Sec. 4-28.   Objection to issuance of ABC permit.