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Section 8.5.  Water and sewer development fees.
[Editor's note:  Please see G.S. Ch. 162A, Article 8]
   In addition to water and sewer service charges and connection charges, the Town Council may establish and collect water and sewer development fees for the privilege of connecting to the Town water and sewerage systems, both within and outside the corporate limits, to aid in the financing of new water and sewer mains and laterals and sewer outfalls and the replacement or enlargement of existing mains, laterals, and outfalls. Such charges shall apply uniformly to all properties to which water or sewer service is extended subsequent to the establishment of such charges; provided, however, that the Council may establish higher water and sewer development fees for property developed or to be developed for business, commercial, industrial, or office and institutional uses than those established for residential and other uses and may base water and sewer development fees for residential property upon the number of dwelling units per acre of land.
(N.C.S.L. Ch. 2005-117, § 1(8.5))