(A)   Any action taken by the Ethics Commission in connection with a complaint will be conducted in a confidential manner.
   (B)   The Ethics Commission, its staff, the complainant, and the respondent may not disclose any information relating to the complaint, including the identity of the complainant and the respondent. However, the Ethics Commission may release any information at any time if the release has been agreed to in writing by the respondent.
   (C)   The respondent has the right to know the identity of the complainant and to know whether the complaint goes to a hearing or when civil or criminal action is initiated.
   (D)   The Ethics Commission may disclose information as necessary in the conduct of a preliminary inquiry, investigation, or hearing.
   (E)   The confidentiality restriction remains in force unless the matter is referred for prosecution or the Ethics Commission finds a violation of this chapter.
(2004 Code, § 18-13) (Ord. 03-14, passed 7-1-2003; Ord. 2018-02, passed 3-13-2018; Ord. 2021-03, passed 3-11-2021)