§ 34.01 PURPOSE.
   (A)   The County Commissioners, recognizing that our system of representative government depends in part upon the people maintaining the highest trust in their public officials and employees, find and declare that the people have a right to be assured that the impartiality and independent judgment of public officials and employees will be maintained.
   (B)   The people have a right to be assured that the financial interests of holders of and candidates for public office present no conflict with the public interest.
   (C)   It is evident that this confidence is eroded when the conduct of the county’s business is subject to improper influence and even the appearance of improper influence.
   (D)   For the purpose of guarding against improper influence, the County Commissioners enact this chapter to establish (1) minimum ethical standards for county elected officials, officials, and employees; (2) financial disclosure requirements for county elected officials, candidates for public office, officials, and employees and individuals appointed to boards and commissions; and (3) disclosure requirements for lobbyists.
   (E)   It is the intention of the County Commissioners that the provisions of this chapter, except its provisions for criminal sanctions, be broadly construed and strictly enforced to accomplish this purpose.
(2004 Code, § 18-1) (Ord. 03-14, passed 7-1-2003; Ord. 2018-02, passed 3-13-2018; Ord. 2021-03, passed 3-11-2021)