(A)   For any proposed development, the developer shall submit SWM plans unless an exemption is approved in accordance with §§ 151.016 and 151.017. The SWM plans shall be submitted to the county for review and approval. The SWM plan shall contain supporting computations, drawings, and sufficient information describing the manner, location, and type of measures by which SWM will be provided for the entire development or supporting the exemption request. The county shall review the plan to determine compliance with the requirements of this chapter. The plan shall serve as the basis for all subsequent construction.
   (B)   Notification of approval or reasons for disapproval or modification of any exemption request shall be given to the applicant.
   (C)   The process (except exemption requests) includes:
      (1)   Plans for any development project shall be submitted by the developer in three distinct levels of completeness for review and approval by the county and SCD. Plans shall be submitted for concept, site development (preliminary) and final plan approval in accordance with the requirements of this chapter. Each plan submitted shall meet the minimum requirements of this and all other applicable chapters, the Design Manual, and the County Supplement; and
      (2)   The county shall perform a comprehensive review of the environmental site delineation and SWM plans submitted at each level. All comments shall be addressed and approvals granted by all agencies involved in plan review, prior to the developer proceeding to the next level of plan development.
(2004 Code, § 191-13) (Ord. 01-12, passed 9-27-2001; Ord. 04-07, passed 4-1-2004; Ord. 2010-05, passed 4-29-2010)