§ 151.016 EXEMPTIONS.
   Except as provided in § 151.015(C), the following development activities are exempt from the provisions of this chapter and the requirements of providing SWM:
   (A)   Agricultural land management practices, included in a SCWQP with the required BMPs implemented concurrent with the specific agricultural practice;
   (B)   Additions or modifications to existing single family detached residential structures provided they comply with division (C) below;
   (C)   Developments that cumulatively disturb less than 5,000 square feet of land area. Disturbance does not include repair/replacement of impervious surfaces that returns them to original grade, line and cross section or does not contact the underlying soil; and
   (D)   Land development activities that the Administration determines will be regulated under specific state laws, which provide for managing stormwater runoff.
(2004 Code, § 191-5) (Ord. 01-12, passed 9-27-2001; Ord. 04-07, passed 4-1-2004; Ord. 2010-05, passed 4-29-2010; Ord. 2018-11, passed 11-29-2018)