The final plat to be filed of record shall be accompanied by a statement signed by the owner and subdivider, setting forth the following: (Ord. 1078, 8-20-1984)
   A.   Plans For Improvements: Plans and specifications for such improvements previously approved by the appropriate city official clearly describing the same. (Ord. 1078, 8-20-1984; amd. 2006 Code)
   B.   Installation Of Improvements: Agreement executed by the owner and the subdivider wherein they agree to make and install the improvements provided for in section 11-1-8 of this chapter in accordance with the plans and specifications accompanying the final plat.
   C.   Petition By Adjoining Property Owners: In lieu of the provisions of subsection B of this section, in the event that a dated petition is presented to the city council containing the signatures of the recorded owners representing a majority of the frontage along the improvement, requesting the city council to install improvements provided for in subsections 11-1-8A, B and C of this chapter, then the requirements of subsection B of this section may be waived. (Ord. 1078, 8-20-1984)