No subdivision of land shall be approved without receiving a statement signed by the appropriate city official certifying that the improvements described in the subdivider's plans and specifications, together with agreements, meet the minimum requirements of all ordinances of the city and that comply with the following:
   A.   Sewers:
      1.   Sanitary Sewers: Sanitary sewers shall be installed to comply with specifications established by the appropriate city official and shall be connected to the sanitary sewer system of the city, or to a specially constructed sanitary sewage disposal plant in accordance with plans acceptable to the city, all subject to environmental protection agency and other governmental rules and regulations. Lots which cannot reasonably be served by a public sanitary sewer system shall have minimum area required by the Illinois department of public health for septic system permits. In case of unusual soil conditions or other physical factors which may impair the health and safety of the neighborhood in which a subdivision may be located, upon recommendation of the state department of public health, the city council may increase lot area requirements as may be necessary.
      2.   Storm Sewers: When required by the appropriate city official, storm sewers shall be constructed throughout the entire subdivision which shall be separate and independent of the sanitary sewer system which shall provide an adequate outlet, or connection with the storm sewer system of the city. When storm sewers are not installed, adequate facilities for the removal of surface water shall be provided throughout the entire subdivision. (Ord. 1078, 8-20-1984; amd. 2006 Code)
   B.   Street Improvements:
      1.   Grades: Grades of streets shall not be in excess of six percent (6%) on primary or secondary streets, nor in excess of eight percent (8%) on other streets, nor have a minimum grade of less than five-tenths of one percent (0.5%).
      2.   Roadway Specifications And Widths: All streets within the corporate limits of the city shall be improved with all weather pavement of an approved type, integral concrete curbs and gutters, or V-type gutters, to an overall width in accordance with the following dimensions:
Type Of Street
Minimum Roadway Width (Between Backs Of Curb)
Primary or major streets
42 feet
Secondary streets
32 feet
Collector streets
32 feet
Minor streets
32 feet
32 feet
      3.   Curbs And Gutters: Curbs and gutters on minor residential streets shall be of the integral rolled type unit, not less than eighteen inches (18") in overall width, and not less than seven inches (7") thick where curb abuts the street pavement, or V-type gutters may be used. (Ord. 1078, 8-20-1984)
      4.   Storm Water Inlets: Storm water inlets shall be provided within the roadway improvement at points specified by the appropriate city official. (Ord. 1078, 8-20-1984; amd. 2006 Code)
      5.   Curb Corners: All curb corners shall have a radii of not less than fifteen feet (15') and at important intersections, not less than twenty five feet (25').
   C.   Public Utilities:
      1.   Utility Lines: All utility lines for telephone and electric services shall be placed in rear line easements when carried on overhead poles, but not on the lot line or lot corner.
      2.   Underground Lines: Where telephone and electric service lines are placed underground entirely throughout a subdivided area, said conduits or cables shall be placed within easements or dedicated public ways, in a manner which will not conflict with other underground services. Further, all transformer boxes shall be located so as not to be unsightly or hazardous to the public, and shall not be on the lot line or lot corner. (Ord. 1078, 8-20-1984)
   D.   Sidewalks: Concrete sidewalks four feet (4') in width shall be constructed along both sides of every street shown on the plat of a subdivision that is located within the corporate limits of Carmi. Such sidewalks shall be constructed in accordance with the requirements and under the supervision of the appropriate city official. Sidewalks may be deleted subject to city council approval. (Ord. 1078, 8-20-1984; amd. 2006 Code)
   E.   Street Lighting: Provisions shall be made by the city for the adequate lighting of public streets within the proposed subdivision, in accordance with the standards and requirements established by the governing authorities.
   F.   Privately Developed Facilities: Where the subdivision is to contain sewers, sewage treatment plants, water supply systems, park areas, or other physical facilities which will not be maintained by existing public agencies, provision should be made by trust agreement, which is a part of the deed restrictions and which is acceptable to the proper public agencies, for jurisdiction over the continuous maintenance, supervision, operation and reconstruction of such facilities by the lot owners in the subdivision. (Ord. 1078, 8-20-1984)