A wireless telecommunications tower or facility is conditionally permitted in the following areas when in compliance with these regulations and approved by the Planning Commission according to the procedures set forth in Chapter 1246.  Efforts shall be made to locate in the order of priority listed below.  If a location other than the most preferred location is proposed, the applicant shall demonstrate to the Planning Commission that a technically suitable, higher priority location is not available and that the proposed location is needed to meet the reasonable service requirements of the applicant.
   (a)   New wireless antennas may collocate on existing telecommunication towers or on existing structures, which have been constructed for other purposes, such as but not limited to water towers, church towers, electric transmission towers, chimneys, and silos.
   (b)   A wireless telecommunication tower may be located in an M-1 and M-2 zoning districts, when located a distance at least two (2) times the height of the tower from a residential district.
   (c)   A wireless telecommunication tower may be located within a recorded electric high tension power line easement, provided that the tower shall not exceed the height of the existing high tension power line towers by more than ten (10) feet and the wireless telecommunication tower shall be located within forty (40) feet of such existing high tension power line towers.
      (Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)