Off-street parking areas shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the following minimum dimensions set forth in Table 1284.19, based on the angle of the spaces. Figure 1284.19(a) illustrates the requirements for each angle scenario. 
Table 1284.19
Parking Design Standards
(a)   Width of Parking Space
13 ft
9 ft
9 ft
9 ft
(b)   Length of Parking Space
18 ft
23 ft
(c)   Width of Circulation Aisle (1)
13 ft
18 ft
24 ft
12 ft
(d)   Width of Double-Loaded Parking Module when Spaces Interlock
51 ft
56 ft
62 ft
30 ft
(e)   Length of Aisle to Curb
19 ft
19 ft
Notes to Table 1284.19:
(1)     Circulation aisles having a width less than twenty -four (24) feet shall be one-way aisles.
Figure 1284.19(a)
Illustration of Parking Design Standards
   ( ) Letters refer to subsections on Figure 1284.19(a).
Notes to Figure 1284.19(a):
(a)   Width of parking space.   (d)   Double-loaded parking module.
(b)   Length of parking space.   (e)   Length of aisle to curb.
(c)   Width of circulation aisle.
(Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)