The location of off-street parking facilities shall be regulated according to the following provisions:
   (a)   Off-street parking spaces required for dwelling units shall be located on the same lot as the dwelling unit served. 
   (b)   Required guest parking in a multi-family development shall be equally distributed throughout the development.
   (c)   Off-street parking spaces for non-residential uses shall be located on the same lot as the structure or use unless off-site parking is provided pursuant to Section 1284.11.   
   (d)   All required off-street parking spaces shall have direct access to an aisle or driveway without the need to move any other vehicle, except as otherwise specifically permitted in this Chapter.
   (e)   Off-street parking spaces for other than single or two-family dwellings shall be located at least ten (10) feet from any wall of a building if such wall contains ground floor openings other than a garage door providing access, light or ventilation to the building.
   (f)   Any vehicle customarily or seasonally parked on any lot shall be so parked only in parking areas specifically constructed for such purposes, and shall not be parked on tree lawns, sidewalks, lawns or other areas required by this Code to be landscaped.
   (g)   Areas that may be computed as open or enclosed off-street parking spaces include any private garage, carport or other area available for parking, other than a street or driveway, except as specifically permitted below: 
      (1)   For a single family detached or two-family dwelling a driveway in the front or side yard shall be permitted to compute as eligible parking space(s) up to a maximum of two (2) parking spaces per dwelling unit. However, at least one (1) parking space shall be enclosed in a garage with three (3) walls and a garage door. Canopies are not permitted to be used as covered parking spaces.
      (2)   In a multi-family development any dwelling unit that has its own separate and individual private driveway shall be permitted to compute as eligible those parking spaces located in the private driveway, up to a maximum of two (2) parking spaces per dwelling unit.
         (Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)