All off-street parking spaces shall be located on the same lot as the structure or use, except when parking spaces are provided in compliance with all the requirements of this Section.
   (a)   The use shall supply at least fifty percent (50%) of its required spaces on-site. The Planning Commission may grant an exception to this requirement under the following criteria:
      (1)   Proximity of the proposed parking area to the use served;
      (2)   Ease and safety of access between the proposed parking area and the use served;
      (3)   The use to be served by the off-site parking; and,
      (4)   The hours of operation of the use to be served by the off-site parking.
   (b)   Off-site spaces shall be within 500 feet walking distance, measured along the route of public access to the property, of a building entrance or use. If the pedestrian access crosses an arterial street, appropriate measures shall be in place to provide public safety. In any event, safe and convenient pedestrian access, such as a sidewalk or path, shall exist or be provided from the structure or use to the parking lot.
   (c)   Contiguous lots providing off-street parking for more than one use shall provide sufficient spaces to comply with the combined total parking requirements for all uses except when the allowance for shared parking is granted in compliance with Section 1284.09.
   (d)   No changes shall be made to the off-site parking lot that would reduce the parking provided for the use, unless other arrangements to provide parking are made by the owner of the use and approved by the Planning and Zoning Administrator prior to any changes taking place.
   (e)   All required handicapped parking spaces for a use shall be located on-site.
   (f)   All required loading spaces shall be located on-site.
   (g)   An existing non-conforming parking lot to be used under this Section as off-site parking shall be landscaped, paved and striped according to the standards of the Code.
      (Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)