Two (2) or more uses may share parking facilities without providing the minimum number of on-site required spaces for each use, when parking spaces are provided in compliance with all the requirements of this Section.
   (a)   The minimum required number of parking spaces for the combined uses may be reduced by twenty percent (20%) for shared parking when hours of operation overlap. Residential uses shall not be allowed to share parking facilities.
   (b)   When the hours of operation DO NOT overlap, the parking facility to be shared shall contain at least the minimum required spaces of the largest individual use sharing the lot.
   (c)   No changes shall be made to the shared parking facility that would reduce the parking provided for the uses, unless the owner of one of the uses makes other arrangements to provide parking. No such changes shall be made without approval from the Planning and Zoning Administrator prior to any changes taking place.
   (d)   Handicap parking spaces shall not be shared, unless the uses that are to share the spaces are adjacent to the handicap spaces and no inconvenience to the users of such spaces would be created.
   (e)   Loading spaces shall not be shared.
   (f)   Any proposed change in the use of a structure that shares a parking facility will require proof to the Planning and Zoning Administrator that adequate parking is available.
   (g)   Parking facilities to be shared shall be located on the same lot as the use for which the parking space is intended, except when the parking facility complies with all the requirements of Section 1284.11.
      (Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)