In addition to the general criteria established in Section 1272.03, the following specific conditions pertaining to each use or group of uses shall apply.
   (a)   Supplementary Conditions and Safeguards.  Nothing in these regulations shall prohibit the Planning Commission from prescribing supplementary conditions and safeguards in addition to these requirements in order to ensure compliance with the criteria set forth in Section 1272.03.
   (b)   Conformance with District Regulations.  A conditional use shall conform to the regulations of the district in which it is located and to other substantive requirements of this Zoning Code, as well as satisfy the conditions, standards and requirements of this Chapter. Whenever there is a difference between the provisions of the conditional use regulations and the district regulations, the most restrictive provision shall prevail, unless clearly indicated differently in the regulations.
   (c)   Specific Development Standards
      (1)   The Planning Commission may limit the hours of operation to ensure that the conditional use is compatible with the surrounding uses.
      (2)   No lighting shall constitute a nuisance and in no way shall impair safe movement of traffic on any street or highway. All outside lighting shall comply with the requirements specified in Chapter 1282.
      (3)   Floodlights, loudspeakers or similar structures shall not be erected or used in any manner that will cause hazards or annoyance to the public generally or to the occupants of adjacent property.
      (4)   All trash receptacles shall be adequately screened in compliance with the regulations set forth in Chapter 1280.
      (5)   Grading and surface drainage provisions shall be prepared by a registered engineer and reviewed or approved by the Carlisle Engineer.
         (Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)