1272.01  PURPOSE.
   Conditional uses are a classification of uses that are determined to generally be compatible in the district in which they are listed as a conditional use.  However, this category of uses is so classified because of the need to adequately monitor the proposed use in order to ensure that the use and its operational aspects are truly appropriate in the specific location in which the use is proposed. Monitoring these uses is necessary because the external impacts of a particular use are either sufficiently varied or indeterminable in advance and therefore may vary from site to site; making it possible that - without the Planning Commission's review - a particular use could be inappropriate in a certain location within the district.
   These regulations are intended to ensure that conditional uses are reviewed in a reasonable and equitable manner, while safeguarding the property rights of all individuals and the health, safety, and general welfare of the community.  Because of this, this Zoning Code must provide more detailed evaluation of each use listed as a conditional use in a specific district with respect to such considerations as location, design, size, method(s) of operation, intensity of use, requirements for public facilities and traffic generation.  In considering a proposed conditional use, the Planning Commission may assign reasonable requirements to ensure that the proposed development is appropriate in the location in which it is proposed.  Accordingly, conditional use permits shall conform to the procedures and requirements of Chapter 1246.
(Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)