Dwelling units shall be located on a lot in a manner that maintains the minimum front, side and rear setbacks set forth in this section for the district in which the lot is located, except as otherwise regulated in Chapter 1266, Planned Unit Development District, and Chapter 1272 Conditional Uses.
   (a)   Front Setback.  Each lot shall maintain a front setback in compliance with Table 1262.07, except as otherwise permitted in subsection (b) below.
   (b)   Front Setback on Through Lots.  On a through lot, a front setback shall be provided on each frontage equal to the minimum required front setback as set forth in Table 1262.07.  There shall be no required rear setback on a through lot.
   (c)   Side Setbacks.  Each interior and through lot shall have and maintain two (2) side yards.  Table 1262.07 sets forth the minimum width of any side setback and the minimum total width of both side setbacks.
   (d)   Corner lot. "Corner lot" means a lot located at the intersection of two (2) or more streets. A lot abutting on a curved street shall be considered a corner lot if straight lines drawn from the foremost points of the side lot lines to the foremost point of the lot meet at an interior angle of less than 135 degrees. Yards for corner lots shall comply with the setbacks specified in Table 1267.07. The following requirements shall be applied to side yard and rear yard setback regulations where one or two (2) family detached dwellings are constructed on corner lots:
      (1)   Side yards. There shall be two (2) side yards, one on each side of the principal building not fronting on a street. Together the side yards shall meet the minimum and aggregate width requirements for the zoning district in which the property is located.
      (2)   Rear yards. A corner lot with four property lines will have two (2) front yards, two (2) side yards and no rear yard. A corner lot with more than four property lines will have one or more rear yards along the interior property line(s) between the two (2) required side yards,. The depth of the rear yard(s) shall comply with the provisions of the zoning district in which the property is located.
   (e)   Rear Setback.  Each lot shall maintain a rear setback as specified in Table 1262.07.
   (f)   Table 1262.07 Minimum Setback Requirements:
R-1 Suburban Single-Family District
R-2 Single-Family  District
(1)   Front Setback
50 ft.
40 ft.
(2)   Side Setback
20 ft.
10 ft
(3)   Rear Setback
40 ft.
35 ft.
(Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)