A.   Whenever the requirements of these zoning regulations are at variance with the requirements of any other lawfully adopted rules, regulations, or ordinances, the requirement that is most restrictive or that imposes higher standards as determined by the director shall govern.
   B.   Whenever the requirements of these zoning regulations are preempted by federal or state mandate, the federal or state rule will control.
   C.   These regulations are independent of private deed restrictions and other covenants and shall apply whether or not they are more restrictive than such restrictions.
   D.   The issuance of any permit, certificate or approval in accordance with the standards and requirements of these zoning regulations shall not relieve the recipient of such permit, certificate or approval from the responsibility of complying with all other applicable requirements of any other city, county, state or federal agency having jurisdiction over the structures or land uses for which the permit, certificate or approval was issued. (Ord. 2013-20)