If such weeds, grass, growth or matter are cut, destroyed or removed by this city or its agent, a notice of lien of the cost and expense thereof incurred shall be recorded in the following manner: The city or its agent shall file notice of lien in the office of the recorder of deeds of Jackson County, Illinois. Such notice of lien shall contain a description of the real estate sufficient for identification thereof, the amount of money representing the cost and expense incurred or payable for the service, and the date or dates when said costs and expense were incurred. Such notice shall be under oath and shall be filed within one year after the cost and expense is incurred. Such liens are assessed to recover the expenses incurred by the city and shall not serve as an exemption from any penalties imposed for violation of this chapter. If, for any one parcel, the city incurs expenses for the removal of weeds or other matter on more than one occasion during the course of one year, then the municipality may combine any or all of the costs of each of those activities into a single notice of lien. (Ord. 2016-26)