CITY: The City of Carbondale, Illinois.
   GRAVE MARKER OR HEADSTONE: A stone intended to indicate the location of a particular grave, and shall be set on a level with the ground, those on the west side of the monument to be placed at the head of the grave and those on the east side at the foot.
   INTERMENT: The opening and/or closing of a gravesite, including, but not limited to, original interments, disinterments, or reinterments.
   MAUSOLEUM: An aboveground memorial tomb containing one or more human remains in separate compartments.
   MONUMENT: Any memorial structure, other than a marker, erected upon a lot, except a mausoleum.
   MUNICIPAL CEMETERY OR CEMETERY: Refers to Oakland Cemetery and Woodlawn Cemetery unless otherwise specified.
   NATURAL BURIAL: A burial where remains are placed into a biodegradable casket or in a simple burial shroud and interned without the use of burial vaults or other materials that would typically inhibit decomposition of the remains. Use of non- biodegradable embalming fluid is prohibited for natural burials.
   NATURAL BURIAL BLOCKS: A formal platted and recorded land area of Oakland Cemetery wherein only natural burials are permitted.
   PRIVATE CEMETERY: Refers to Snider Hill Cemetery, unless otherwise specified.
   SEXTON: The person charged with the upkeep and repair of the Municipal cemeteries. (Ord. 2018-35)