A.   Failure To Comply: Every license and permit issued by the city shall be issued only upon the condition that the city shall have the right to revoke such license or permit at any time for failure to comply with the provisions of this title and this code. The city shall provide the license or permit holder with written notice of its intent to revoke the license or permit no later than three (3) days prior to the date the revocation takes effect. However, if the city manager determines that there is a reasonable belief that the holder poses a danger or threat to the health, safety or welfare of the city, the city manager may take action to immediately revoke the license or permit without prior notice to the holder.
   B.   Addition To Other Penalties: Any revocation of any license or permit shall be in addition to any other penalties provided for in this title.
   C.   Cause For Revocation: Evidence that the licensee or permittee has violated any ordinance relating to the license or permit, the subject matter of the license or permit, or the premises occupied, shall constitute sufficient cause for revocation.
   D.   Nonrefundable: In case of revocation, no part of the license or permit fee shall be refunded. (Ord. 98-41)