5-1-3: FEES:
   A.   Listed With Specific Legislation: Any fee required for any license or permit granted under this chapter shall be set forth in the section of this title which addresses that particular license or permit.
   B.   Fees Prorated: Unless otherwise specifically provided, where the license or permit is to be renewed annually and more than half of the license or permit term has expired, the license or permit may be issued for the remainder of the term for the sum of one-half (1/2) the annual fee.
   C.   Fees Due With Application; Nonrefundable: In the absence of a provision to the contrary, all fees for licenses or permits shall be paid at the time the license or permit application is filed and are nonrefundable.
   D.   Distribution Of Monies: Except as otherwise provided, all license and permit fees shall become part of the general fund of the city. (Ord. 98-41)