The international property maintenance code, 2003 edition, is adopted as set forth hereinabove with the following deletions and modifications:
Any reference to "weeds, grass and/or obnoxious growth" is hereby deleted and shall be governed by the Carbondale Revised Code.
Under Section 404.3 of the Code, the minimum ceiling height exception: #3 shall be modified to read as follows: "a clear ceiling height of at least seven (7) feet (2134 min) over not less than 1/2 (50%) of the required minimum floor area...".
All words and phrases indicated in Appendix D of Section 602.2 of the Illinois State Plumbing Code are hereby omitted.
Under Section 602.3, the following phrase "during the period from [date] to [date]" is hereby omitted.
The exception under Section 602.3 is hereby deleted.
(Ord. 2003-72)