A.   It is the purpose of this section to encourage productive conversation between members of the public and the City of Carbondale and to ensure that the actions of the City properly protect the public health and safety and the environment. It is the understanding of the City that by encouraging conversation, the interests of the public can be better served.
   B.   Definitions:
Refers to an applicable proposed project as described in subsection C.
Refers to items considered by the City as described in subsection C.
Refers to the document published by the City following the public comment period as described in subsection G.
   C.   Applicability: The City Council may, upon a super-majority (three-fifths) vote of those Council members present, choose to provide for a period of public comment when proposed projects or potential City Council actions impact the environmental, public health, or safety of the community, or are deemed to be of significant public interest. However, any proposed use of the property located at 1555 N. Marion Street, Carbondale, Illinois, 62901, shall require a period of public comment as provided below.
   D.   The City shall not proceed on any matter that pursuant to subsection C has been determined to require a period of public comment without first completing the requirements imposed under subsection E "Proposal by the City for Public Review", subsection F "Public Comment Opportunity for the Public", and subsection G "Reply by the City".
   E.   Proposal By The City For Public Review:
      1.   For each proposed action as described in C "Applicability", the City shall prepare a document summarizing the proposed action which will include, if applicable, the property address, current zoning, any foreseeable zoning amendments, potential environmental impacts, references to staff reports, applicable reports and studies, proposed future development plans, property purchase offers, tax records, estimated financial impacts to the City, or any other information that can provide the public with a meaningful opportunity to develop an understanding of the proposed action:
      2.   The document prepared shall be published for public review using the following methods:
         a.   The document shall be available on the City's website.
         b.   The document shall be available in print upon request by a resident of the City.
         c.   The document shall be posted at Carbondale City Hall.
         d.   The City will publish a press release notifying local media, and other interested parties, that the document has been made available for public review.
         e.   The City may also upon the discretion of the City Council choose to require the notice of the public comment period be published in a newspaper of general circulation within the City of Carbondale, within seven (7) days after the City Council voted to require a public comment period.
   F.   Public Comment Opportunity For The Public:
      1.   Following publication of the City's proposal, there shall be a period of thirty (30) calendar days during which the City accepts written comments from the public on the proposal. The thirty (30) day period shall start upon the publication of the proposal on the City's website.
      2.   At the discretion of the City Council, the public comment period may be extended beyond thirty (30) days, but not longer than a total of ninety (90) days.
      3.   During the comment period, the City shall accept comments from the public in written form, including email communication.
      4.   The City shall make available to the public options for submitting comments through both an online system (i.e. website or email address) and a physical address to which the public may mail comments.
   G.   Response By The City:
      1.   Within thirty (30) calendar days from the end of the public comment period, the City shall publish a written response to the commentary received by the public. The City may at its discretion extend the deadline for publishing the response. The City shall not take final action on any proposal pursuant to subsection C prior to publishing the final response.
      2.   Publication: The City shall publish the response to the City website and shall post the response at Carbondale City Hall. The City shall also publish a press release notifying the local media and other interested parties that the City's response is available for public review. The City Council may also choose to require the response to be published in a newspaper of general circulation within the City of Carbondale.
      3.   Provisions Of The Written Response:
         a.   The response shall address the commentary provided by the public with reasonable detail.
         b.   The response may group related comments together and provide one unified response for each issue raised.
         c.   The response may, but is not required to, address individual comments by members of the public.
         d.   The response is not required to address submitted comments which are not related to the proposal. (Ord. 2020-03)