A.   It is the purpose of this ordinance to provide parking for residents of the City of Carbondale at a reduced rate.
   B.   Definitions:
Every vehicle which is self-propelled and every vehicle which is propelled by electric power obtained from overhead trolley wires, but not operated upon rails, except for vehicles moved solely by human power, motorized wheelchairs, low-speed electric bicycles, and low-speed gas bicycles. For this Act, motor vehicles are divided into two divisions:
First Division: Those motor vehicles which are designed for the carrying of not more than 10 persons.
Second Division: Those motor vehicles which are designed for carrying more than 10 persons, those motor vehicles designed or used for living quarters, those motor vehicles which are designed for pulling or carrying freight, cargo or implements of husbandry, and those motor vehicles of the First Division remodeled for use and used as motor vehicles of the Second Division.
For the purposes of this section, a “resident” shall be defined as any person domiciled within the City of Carbondale.
   C.   Eligible Spaces: The City Manager, or his/her designee, is authorized and empowered to issue resident parking permits for a fee for parking privileges at any metered stall in the City, except for the following:
      1.   Parking stalls or spaces designated as handicapped parking stalls.
      2.   Parking stalls or spaces rented by lease agreement.
      3.   Overnight parking within those lots designated by signage for Amtrak customer parking.
      4.   Where an official sign controlling such area expressly prohibits parking at any time or during certain hours.
   D.   Eligible Motor Vehicles: Only motor vehicles of the first division that are owned or leased by a resident are eligible to be issued a resident parking permit.
   E.   Proof of Requirements Met: Each applicant shall submit satisfactory proof that the individual meets the residency requirements by providing one of the following:
      1.   A valid government-issued identification listing a Carbondale address or,
      2.   A valid voter’s registration card listing a Carbondale registration.
   F.   One Permit Limit; Replacement: No more than one resident parking permit shall be issued to an individual licensed passenger vehicle by the City, except that if that person certifies that the permit originally issued has been lost, stolen or destroyed, then that person shall be issued a replacement resident parking permit for said licensed passenger vehicle.
   G.   Nontransferable: It shall be unlawful for any person, other than the person in whose name and license plate the resident parking permit has been issued, to use such resident parking permit. It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, lease, give, assign or transfer to another person, a resident parking permit.
   H.   Location On Vehicle: For the purpose of this chapter, the resident parking permit shall not be considered properly displayed unless it is placed on the left side (driver’s side) of the vehicle dashboard or visor and is visible through the front windshield of the vehicle.
   I.   False Information: It shall be unlawful to provide false information, knowing or having reason to believe that such information is false, when applying for a resident parking permit.
   J.   Fee: The fee for the resident parking permit shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per calendar year.
   K.   Term: The resident parking permit shall be valid for the twelve months. (Ord. 2020-07)