A.   Corporate Seal:
      1.   The city council shall, from time to time, select a corporate seal for the city. It shall be circular in form, one and one-half inches (11/2") in diameter and be surrounded with a scroll with the words "Carbondale, Illinois, Incorporated 1873", inscribed thereon.
      2.   The corporate seal shall be kept in the custody of the city clerk and an impression thereof attached to all instruments, documents and other corporate acts which are required to be authenticated by the corporate seal. The city clerk shall certify, under the corporate seal, copies of all records, documents or papers in his office when required by any officer or other person. In no case shall the impression of the corporate seal be binding upon the city unless it is authorized by ordinance and attested by the signature of the city clerk.
   B.   City Flag: The city flag shall consist of the corporate seal in gold, black and white on a white background. (Ord. 1663 § 1)