(1)   Unlawful: It is unlawful for any person to create, cause, maintain or knowingly allow to exist a public nuisance on any premises or real property which the person owns, rents, leases, occupies, manages or of which the person has charge or possession.
   (2)   Agricultural Operations: The application and enforcement of this article shall not contravene title 22, chapter 45 of the Idaho Code in that no public nuisance shall exist under this article if the use or condition of the property exists pursuant to an agricultural operation in accordance with generally recognized agricultural practices.
   (3)   Administration And Enforcement: The Canyon County Sheriff, and/or designated Code Enforcement Officer(s), shall be responsible for the administration and enforcement of the provisions of this article.
   (4)   Responsible Party: Where a nuisance exists upon property that is vacant, abandoned, and/or uninhabited; the owner of record, whether a natural person or persons or an entity of any kind, shall be presumed to be responsible for creating, causing, committing, maintaining, and/or allowing such nuisance. Such owner of record shall be subject to any and all penalties imposed as set forth herein, and shall be responsible for payment of any and all costs incurred in abating the nuisance. The owner of record shall bear the burden of rebutting this presumption. (Ord. 18-016, 6-27-2018)